How important is it for Store Owners to update product related information ?

In general an online store has diverse variety of products showcased. However due to online customer's growing impatience, the store owner/ Admin has to do his best to make the customer stay on the site and convince him to buy a product. That is why crucial aspects like offers, quality, etc. are conveyed alongside the products.

But the problem with these product aspects is that they don't tend to remain constant, rather they happen to constantly fluctuate. Take for instance quantity. At the start of the day there would be 20 pieces of product. But at the end of the day all 20 might have got sold. In that case, it is the duty of the Admin to update 'out of stock' information. Failing to do so could bring his store disrepute.

Hidden problems behind editing

Editing a product is more complex than uploading it. Because editing changes from product to product. In one case the Admin has to edit the product name, while in other case it could be the quantity and so on. This is bound to cause confusion and so the Admin needs to be very careful. However it doesn't stop here as for every single product edit, the admin needs to visit the Edit page. This makes his job so tiresome.


Extended mass action drives away your editing constraints

1 + 1 = 1 ( Wondering How?)


To bail out the Admin from the editing clutches, Apptha has integrated two extensions namely Mass Action and Grid Product in to one and that is Extended Mass Action Extension. Let us analyze the features of these extensions individually.

Features of Mass Action extension


Admin can add extensive number of attributes to products and control the display settings by showing or hiding the attributes. To give a clarity to customers, Admin can create product categories. Like under Android phones he can bring in Moto G, xolo, etc. If he wishes to give discounts on products, he can set validity by entering the start and end date.

Features of Grid product extension


Admin need not visit the edit page every time for editing, instead he can do it simply from the grid page as he will be able to generate the edit icon with a simple mouse-over action. After done with the edits admin can have a preview from a customer's standpoint. If the product quantity is zero the corresponding column is highlighted with a color indicating the admin of stock unavailability.

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